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overview 01At Vagans Inc, we are committed to providing employers with the proper tools to train employees on health, safety, compliance and risk management.  We also recognize the value of providing a convenient and cost effective training option.  As a result, we are very pleased to be partnered with CarriersEdge in providing online safety training.

Let us make the process Simple, Convenient, and Cost Effective for you.


Your people are constantly on the move. To get them into classroom training, you either need to disrupt your business, or you need them to give up their time off. Neither is a great choice.

Add to that the challenge of getting people to stay focused and learn something, and you end up with a disruptive, expensive exercise that never reaches many of the people who need it.

Vagans Inc offers a better option – online training programs that provide the content you need, when and where you need. With a range of different titles, and flexible packaging options, your training requirements just got a whole lot simpler to manage.

For infrequent, periodic, or specific training needs, courses can be purchased individually from Vagans Inc’s self-serve Online Portal.

With Vagans Inc’s online training tool, you’ll get access to the industry’s best online training courses – engaging, interactive, and proven effective content – along with a full range of management tracking and reporting tools.

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